SPbU students have won VK Cup 2017 Programming Contest sponsored by “VKontakte”. There were 2,736 teams from 52 countries, and the winners are Stanislav Ershov and Aidar Sairanov.

The strongest 20 teams have successfully passed qualification rounds and got to the final to fight to win 2,490,368 rubles. “From 2015 you cannot get to the final more than twice. So, those who got to the finals in 2015 and 2016 cannot take part in the competition this year. Among them were strong sports IT specialist Gennadii Korotkevich or our partner at the international contest Igor Pyshkin. Obviously, the competition was not so tough this year. Still, there were enough strong teams”, — said SPbU student Aidar Sairanov.

The final is scheduled for three hour to solve seven problems. The placement of the teams is determined by the sum of the correct solutions and time spent.

“The Task A was a hard nut to crack, although it was regarded as the simplest one by the jury. We submitted an incorrect solution. Then, solving the Task B, I made a bug. Once we found bugs and submitted the first two tasks, everything was fine. The Tasks D and E, which few teams solved, were quite simple for us, and that’s why we became front runners”, —said Aidar Sairanov. There should be only two members in each team, and you consequently show your personal traits and expertise as well as your team-building skills.

The result is the first place and the prize of 1,048,576 rubles, which is round numbers in the base-2 numeral system.  The second were Vladislav Makeev and Mikhail Ipatov from Moscow, and the third Vladimir Smykalov from St Petersbyrg and Bogdan Prishchenko from Lvov.

In 2017, SPbU teams (Igor Pyshkin, Stanislav Ershov, and Aidar Sairanov) won gold at the ACM-ICPC, ranked fourth in the top four positions in the 2017 World Finals. In 2000, 2001, 2014 and 2016, St Petersburg University was the champion of the ACM-ICPC.