The delegation from the Higher School of Medical and Dental Sciences of Niigata University has visited SPbU to discuss the collaboration opportunities.

St Petersburg University is the oldest university in Russian and granted a special status, along with MSU, said SPbU Deputy Rector for International Affairs Sergei Andrushin.

“All these influence what academic freedoms we enjoy. In implementing both global and national projects, we follow an interdisciplinary approach and use our full capacity to achieve our aims”, — said Sergei Andrushin and added that SPbU was ready to collaborate in various fields of study: from sciences to humanities.

 Academic exchange should be among our priorities, so should joint research projects and grants, said Sergei Andrushin. “We have such experience. Today St Petersburg is implementing a number of big international projects headed by the world’s leading scientists and prize winners”, — said Sergei Andrushin.

Niigata University has created a department for collaboration with the Russian partners, said Dean of the Higher School of Medical and Dental Sciences.

Our university and Hokkaido University are a window to Russia for Japan. We are responsible for collaborating with Russia and it is stipulated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan.

Dean of the Higher School of Medical and Dental Sciences

The event was also visited by SPbU scientists who discussed the most up-to-date areas for research. Among the key global problems is Alzheimer disease. Alzheimer disease, along with the Hashimoto disease and disseminated sclerosis, is an overarching priority in science for St Petersburg University.

In October 2016, SPbU Rector Nikolay Kropachev and President of Niigata University signed a framework agreement on collaboration between the universities. As a result, two students from SPbU had an opportunity to have a two-week internship programme in Japan.

As part of their visit to SPBU, the delegation also visited a hospital № 122 named after L. G. Sokolov, which is a medical centre and academic platform of SPbU. At the end, the delegation visited a Resource Centre “Center for molecular and cell technologies” and got an insight what opportunities the University can offer.