St Petersburg University and Yandex have reached an agreement to educate and prepare undergraduate students in mathematics. The University and Yandex are expected to develop a number of IT courses and to incorporate them into the educational programmes.

Students can choose among the courses in algorithms and data structures, machine training, parallel computing, and big data to name but a few. Staff will include the specialists from Yandex and Computer Science Center. Moreover, Yandex and SPbU are going to invite specialists from other cities and countries. Successful students can apply for the internship programmes at Yandex.

In Russia, there are few, if any, programmes that introduce the latest advances in mathematics and informatics into the educational process. Introducing the latest advances into education is therefore a driving force behind our project. And Yandex is of great help to us.

Fields Medalist and chairperson of the educational council of the programme in Mathematics at SPbU Stanislav Smirnov

“Students who got well-rounded intellectual training in mathematics and know the advances in technologies are highly valued. We know it from the first hand. For over 10 years, Yandex’s School of Data Analysis has been preparing analysts, software developers, and researchers who find an occupation in the world’s leading IT-companies or go on to further study. The courses we develop for SPbU will incorporate our experience and the way how we teach students”, — said Elena Bunina, Director of the Department of Computer Sciences at School of Data Analysis.

The new courses will be available to undergraduate students in Mathematics who will be enrolled in 2018. Our collaboration with Yandex helped us to increase the number of state-funded places from 50 up to 70 for entry 2018. Since 2014, the University, in collaboration with Yandex, has also offered a master’s programme in data storage and processing.