St Petersburg University has opened the Mediation Centre to help you to resolve disputes co-operatively and effectively through mediation. The Centre provides a range of mediation services tailored to resolve business, public, or private disputes. Its service is supported by a team of mediators and trained specialists in law, conflict studies, and psychology.

Mediation is an innovative alternative to court proceedings for solving issues. How does mediation work? In mediation, a neutral 3rd party acts as a mediator and works with both sides in the dispute to facilitate a resolution and build new relationships. The Centre offers a wide range of services to help you resolve a wide range of issues: civil, family, labour, housing, business, and commercial disputes.

The SPbU Mediation Centre offers services in dispute resolution and counselling. It is involved in expert evaluation, research, and education. The core areas are dispute resolution, prevention of conflicts in companies, preparing legal reports, expert evaluation of legal acts, research, and others.

The service is supported by a team of experienced and high-calibre professors and academics from the University who work on the personal and commercial dispute resolution arena.