What makes new qualifications different? What are they for? Why the government shouldn’t impose its professional standards on business? The leading HR experts tried to answer those questions at the battle “System of professional qualifications: For and against” at the St Petersburg International Labour Forum.

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The HR-battle was organized by St Petersburg University with support of the Club of Employers, Council for Professional Qualifications in Human Resources, and Agency for Human Capital Development in the North-West Region.

Today, the national system of professional qualifications are developed in education, labour sphere, and public sector, and the professional standards are therefore “the tools of bringing together the interests of all parties”, said SPbU Professor Vera Minina.

The tariff classification manuals and other documents are not just changing. They are completely out of date.

SPbU Professor Vera Minina

“The professional standards are the tools, rather than aim. The aim is to educate and prepare high-calibre specialists to boost the economy in the country. What we should understand is whether these tools can meet our demands or they need to be alatered”, - said Deputy Chairperson of the Council for Professional Qualifications in Human Resources Valentina Mitrofanova.

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The business sector should decide themselves how they can use the professional standards, says the founder and coordinator of the Club of Employers Marina Kozlova. “If the national system of qualifications are of high-quality and attractive to business, the business sector will definitely use and it will be their decision”, - she said. 

The battle also focused on how we should form qualifications and improve the interaction between education and labour market. “We are all engaged in responding to one task and will definitely reach a consensus to create a new qualification scheme”, — said the SPbU leading research fellow Sergei Ivanov.

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The experts also discussed independent qualification assessment and analysed international expertise. All the recommendations will be submitted to the National Council of the President of the Russian Federation and National Agency for Qualification Development.