SPbU’s students Petr Perminov and Danila Kuzikhin have won the Aerobic Gymnastics FIG World Cup in Cantanhede, Portugal.

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The students in secondary professional educational programme in Physical Training have won several categories in the Aerobic Gymnastics FIG World Cup. Our national team won gold in the group youth competition. Petr Perminov was number one in solo competition, while Danila Kuzikhin got silver in mixed pairs competition.

The competition was tough: 21 national teams took part in the World Cup, with the toughest rival from Romania.

In the semi-final, I was ranked fourth. For the final, I tried to learn from my mistakes, plucked up courage, and won gold. I am happy that I was head and shoulders above others.

SPbU studenst Petr Perminov

Petr Perminov and Danila Kuzikhin, who are the graduates of the City’s Children and Youth Centre for Physical Training and Sports, have been in the aerobic gymnastics for more than 10 years. This year, they completed their study at the 9th grade and were enrolled on the programme in Physical Training.

Danila Kuzikhin is also glad as this time he for the first time achieved such high results in the mixed pairs competition.

They have already won several world and Russian competitions. Last September, Petr and Danila successfully competed in the national team during the 2017 Aerobic Gymnastics European Championships. Now they are planning to take part in the World Cups in Japan in April and Bulgaria in October. They have already started to prepare for the Aerobic Gymnastics Russian Cup that serves as a selection round for the World Championship. The year 2018 will play a role in their career, as they will move from juniors to seniors.

gymnastick 1851 29 03 18 12 00