The delegation of the Macquarie University has paid an official visit to SPbU to discuss academic collaboration and joint research projects.

2018 03 12 Delegaciya Universiteta Makvori min 1

The Macquarie University is interested in collaborating with SPbU in a range of areas, says the delegation, in particular nanophotonics for medical equipment, nanomaterials, information technologies, and electronic engineering. Among other priority areas is ecology, environmental sciences, biomedicine, human health including management in health, linguistics (especially neurolinguistics and clinical linguistics), social sciences, business, and economics.

As part of the SPbU- Macquarie University collaboration, the Macquarie University will open 5 scholarships for a total amount of 1 mln Australian dollars for the SPbU’s students in the priority areas of collaboration, says the Executive Director of the Macquarie University Ren Yi. The scholarship will provide an opportunity for our students to study in one of the leading Australian universities and cover traveling expenses, three years of study, half of which the students study at the Macquarie University, while the rest of the period at the Russian partner-university.

An eligible students should possess expertise and skills that are equivalent to those who have gained a master degree at the Macquarie University, prepare a research report, and get IELTS band 6.5.

Today, the Macquarie University collaborates with the Russian universities in two formats. First, the universities collaborate within the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Secondly, students can study a year at the partner-universities. The theses are evaluated in both universities.

The state final examination for aspirantura students is carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations of the State Final Attestation for aspirantura level adopted by the university. The thesis is defended at the Russian partner-university and then forwarded to both universities to gain a Ph.D. degree.

At the end of the aspirantura studies, students have the final attestation, says Marina Lavrikova. SPbU holds defenses of the theses prepared by its aspirantura students, doctoral Russian and international degree-seekers. SPbU is ready to collaborate to support the defenses of the research papers to award a degree of Candidate of Sciences at St Petersburg University.

The universities agreed to collaborate in these priority areas and in postdoc exchange. They also discussed the opportunities of videoconferencing for research collaboration between our scientists.