The “Top-50. The most famous people of St Petersburg” nominations are out in three weeks. SPbU Associate Professor in Mesozoic Vertebrates Pavel Skutchas is nominated for Science and Life.

yayco yashchera paleontologiya 19

Each year, Pavel Skutchas goes to the paleontological off-road expeditions across Russia. The results are stunning. Last May, he and his colleagues from Tomsk described Tengrisaurus, a new genus of lithostrotian sauropod, in November 2017 presented a unique finding: chronologically the first discovered dinosaur’s egg in Russia, and this year described Sibirotitan, a genus of somphospondyl sauropod in Russia that lived 120 mln years ago.

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You can cast your vote up to June 4, 2018. In June 5, 2018 the election will be over and then the votes will be analysed in terms of whether there was tampering with the election mechanism. The results will be announced by Ksenia Sobtchak in June 14, 2018 in the Komisarzhevskaia Theatre.

“The Top-50. The famous people of St Petersubrg” is held for the thirteenth year. Its nominations include Fashion, Books, Theatre, Music, Cinema, Business, Science and Life, Sports and, for the first time, Teams. The Top-50 is not an annual championship of famous people, said the organizers. All 50 persons are considered to be the winners. You can find an interview and a portrait of each nominees in the in June.