SPbU Rector Nikolay Kropachev has met with Yoshihiko Hosoi who is President of Kindai University, Japan.

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They discussed opportunities for collaboration in education and research. In 2017, they signed an agreement on academic exchange. SPbU is a partner of Kindai University in the projects “Preparing specialists in engineering in Monozukuri for Russia and Japan” that offers academic exchange for students and opportunities for practical training in Russia and Japan.

Monozukuri is a key Japanese principle of manufacturing that brings together innovations, a sense of responsibility, and Japan’s approach to business.

Nikolay Kropachev told about a considerable increase in the number of joint publications and exchange programmes between the University and Japan’s universities. SPbU has signed agreements with 24 Japan’s universities and institutions. Moreover, this year the University is opening a new programme in Law with a focus on Japanese language and law.

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In 2016, Nikolay Kropachev was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun. Golden and Silver Star for active collaboration in education and research with Japan’s universities and companies.

“We are also planning to open a programme in Economics with a focus on Japanese language and economics”, — he added that we collaborated with our foreign partners in opening such programmes, among them are experts in business, research, and education. The potential employers are the members of the councils and attestation committees of the programmes. Such practice has been implemented in the programmes in the Hungarian language, German language, and Greek language: the councils are headed by the officials from these countries.

The head of the Japanese delegation highly appreciated how we educate and prepare students. Some time ago, Yoshihiko Hosoi was Vice-President of Kindai University and was actively engaged in developing international relations between the universities worldwide.

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“Kindai University has the following scheme of how we carry out research projects: we give one topic to several departments to ensure that the topic is approached from different perspectives. Following the scheme, we are ready to collaborate with SPbU and integrate our research groups”, — Yoshihiko Hosoi added that Kindai University was particularly interested in biomedicine, materials studies, bioinformatics, mathematics, and natural sciences.

Kindai University is a private non-sectarian and coeducational university based in Higashiosaka, Osaka, Japan. Founded in 1925, Kindai University has 14 faculties. Most publications are in medicine, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, engineering, and agricultural sciences.

The University is also pursuing the path to integration of different sciences and has opened a number of interdisciplinary programmes, such as n Bioinformatics and Engineering Physics. The University could open such programmes as it is committed to the policy of openness and transparency and offers the opportunities SPBU’s laboratories, resource centres, and libraries provide. The bright example is the Resource Park that is available to anyone who is interested in research. As there is a high demand on the Resource Park, it is open 16 hours a day. SPbU also provides grants for young scientists and enables its scientists and scholars to attract young researchers in their projects. In particular, the University has such integrated groups as part of the projects between SPbU and DFG. The parties agreed to identify the areas for joint research. The Japanese colleagues are particularly interested in biology, medicine, and brain studies.