July 6, 2018 is the deadline for applications from international students for fee-paying places in the bachelor's, specialist’s, master’s and aspirantura (doctoral) programmes offered at St Petersburg University.

Each applicant is required to sign up for a Personal Account on the portal of the Admissions Commission of St Petersburg University, and also fill out, print out and sign their applications for admission. Entrance examinations for applicants for master's and aspirantura (doctoral) programmes are held in the form of a competition of documents (portfolio). Individual achievements are taken into account, for which additional points can be accrued. Essay topics, document processing requirements and a list of individual achievements can be found on the portal of the Admissions Commission.

Foreign citizens entering the bachelor's and specialist’s degree programs must pass an entrance test in accordance with the schedule, having previously submitted all the necessary documents through the Personal Account of the Applicant.

All foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving in St Petersburg before July 25, 2018, must register for migration on the day of arrival. To do this, they can apply to the Admissions Commission for International Students during business hours at the following address: 13b Universitetskaya Embankment, St Petersburg

The lists of foreign applicants who successfully passed the competitive selection and recommended for enrolling in a paid form of training will be published on the portal of the Admissions Commission of St Petersburg University on July 23, 2018.