The portal of the Admissions Committee published lists of foreign applicants who successfully passed the competitive selection and were recommended for enrollment in scholarship-funded places.

This year, more than 2,500 applications have been submitted by foreign citizens from 82 countries claiming for studying at the expense of the Russian Government. The African continent is represented by applicants from Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Sudan and Senegal; from the Middle East there were citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic, Algeria, Yemen and Israel; and from Latin America applications arrived from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. Citizens of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the People's Republic of China remain leaders in the filed applications.

There is a wide demand for educational programmes among foreign applicants: under the bachelor's programme - from radiophysics to Russian philology; and under the master's programme - from bioinformatics to legal translation. Among the students entering the educational programmes for scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate study, the greatest interest was shown in the following areas "Political Science and Regional Studies", "Physics and Astronomy", and "Clinical Medicine".

 For the final lists of foreign applicants who have successfully passed the competitive selection and are recommended to be enrolled for a budgetary form of education, see the "Results-2018" section

For comparison: In 2017, 2,093 applications were submitted, and 315 entrants received the opportunity to study at the expense of the RF budget. 116 are being trained on bachelor's and specialist's degree programmes, 159 - master's degree, and 40 - post-graduate courses.