A delegation from Greifswald University has visited St Petersburg University. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the leading research areas of St Petersburg University and the promising research topics for strengthening scientific contacts between scientists of the two countries.

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The first deputy pro-rector of St Petersburg University for scientific work, Sergei Goncharov, addressed the representatives of the German delegation. He said:

“Germany is a special country for our university. We have had the most intensive long-term cooperation in the widest spectrum of directions of science and education. Today, St Petersburg University has a large number of contracts with many universities in the world, and we are extremely demanding about their implementation. It is necessary not to be limited by the procedure of signing them, but to come to a constructive cooperation with specific results that can be manifested in joint research, resulting in the publication of collective monographs, or holding seminars”.


Katerina Riedel, vice-rector for scientific work and international cooperation at the University of Greifswald, said that she was interested in continuing the joint work with St Petersburg University, which is proposed to be strengthened on the basis of existing treaties. "Now a change of generations is taking place at our university, a new professorship is appearing, and some of the respected teachers actively cooperating with Russia are retiring. In view of these factors, we would like to further develop our interaction with new colleagues from both sides in it, "explained Ms. Riedel. "And of course, we would like to expand the range of scientific topics that we used to do earlier, or in some way update them."

The meeting was attended by scientists from St Petersburg University, collaborating with universities in Germany in a variety of scientific fields - from microbiology to international relations. Katerina Riedel noted that the fields of Natural Sciences and Law are close to German scientists and therefore are quite promising for joint work.

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Thanks to the protocol on cooperation between St Petersburg University and Greifswald University, for many years there has been an extensive network of mechanisms for academic exchanges of students and scientific and pedagogical staff, as well as scientific cooperation. Special results are the interaction of scientists in the field of linguistics: in recent years they have produced more than 30 popular dictionaries of various types; and Slavic textbooks are used in gymnasiums in Switzerland, Germany and other German-speaking countries. In addition, the professor of Greifswald University Matthias Nyendorf is a correspondent of the scientific journal of SPbU Slavia et Balcanica Petropolitana in the Baltic countries.

Stefan Fles, the vice-rector for Academic Affairs at Greifswald University, drew attention to the fact that strengthening student exchanges will serve as a mutual enrichment of universities, since it will allow students from another perspective to look at the problems that are being studied in both countries. Now graduate students and young scientists of St Petersburg University, scholarship holders of the joint programme of the University and German Academic Exchange Service DAAD "Dmitry Mendeleyev," have the opportunity to work on a thesis at the University of Greifswald.

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Valery Mokienko, a professor at St Petersburg University, made proposals on cooperation for the coming years. As an example, philological researchers have already begun working on a German-Russian phraseological dictionary of a culturological type - it will be the first dictionary based on Slavonic materials to be published in Germany. Also, under the auspices of St Petersburg and Greifswald universities, a large international project will be implemented to create a collection of biblical winged expressions. In the future, the work on a dictionary dedicated to German borrowings in the Russian language is planned.

During the meeting, Professor Cordelia Hess of Greifswald University spoke about the creation of an interdisciplinary master's degree programme that unites all aspects of the Baltic region countries: history, culture, security issues, energy and others. The master’s students will have an opportunity to go abroad for one semester. St Petersburg University can become one of the host sites for German students studying the Russian language. In turn, Russian students will be able to visit the University of Greifswald to improve their knowledge of the German language.

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The cooperation of the two universities has received a new impetus for further development and new concrete outlines.