Representatives of St Petersburg University were part of the official delegation of St Petersburg, led by the governor of the city Georgy Poltavchenko, which visited the prefecture of Hokkaido (Japan) to discuss the prospects for cooperation in higher education.

During the visit, Yury Fedotov, the director of St Petersburg University’s High Medical Technologies Clinic named after Nikolay Pirogov, signed a cooperation agreement with Hokkaido Prefectural Medical University in Sapporo. Thanks to this step, the universities will be able to conduct academic and humanitarian exchanges in scientific and research fields. Also, according to the document, it is planned to establish contacts for organising further discussion of additional details of the implementation of mutual exchanges.

Sergey Andryushin, Deputy Rector for International Activities of the University, noted that the conclusion of a memorandum between St Petersburg University and Hokkaido Prefectural Medical University in Sapporo is an important step in developing cooperation in the field of medicine. «Signing the agreement in the presence of governors will give an additional impetus to our cooperation and support on their part in the most important areas in medicine and health development in St Petersburg and Hokkaido», said Sergey Andryushin. «St Petersburg University as a leading research interdisciplinary university has all the necessary academic and infrastructural resources for this», he added. During the visit the delegation of St Petersburg University visited the clinics of Hokkaido University and the Prefectural Medical University of Sapporo and discussed cooperation in the field of bio- and regenerative medicine.

Currently, St Petersburg University has agreements with 25 Japanese higher educational institutions including the University of Kanazawa and the University of Kindai. Over the past five years, scientists at St Petersburg University have published more than 350 publications jointly with colleagues from more than 70 Japanese scientific centres and universities. In addition, since 2013, the number of students and teacher exchanges of St Petersburg University with higher educational institutions in Japan has tripled.