St Petersburg University has strengthened its position in the subject ranking of the Round University Ranking (RUR). It moved from 320th to 168th position in the social sciences rank.

Following the results of participation in the Global Institutional Profiles Project (GIPP) 2017, the University took a place in the Golden League of the Round University Ranking in social sciences. In the field of humanities, St Petersburg University has risen from 211th to 182nd position and also moved from the Silver to the Golden League.

In the world competition, according to the RUR ranking agency, St Petersburg University ranks 385th. It outperformed universities such as the University of St Gallen (Switzerland), the University of Strathclyde (the United Kingdom), the University of Genoa (Italy) and the University of Hannover (Germany).

Round University Ranking is an international university ranking, which is published by the RUR ranking agency together with Clarivate Analytics. The ranking measures the performance of 1,030 leading universities from 85 countries by 20 indicators across 4 key missions: teaching, research, international diversity, and financial sustainability.