Hideto Watanabe, the Deputy Consul General of Japan in St Petersburg, has visited St Petersburg University.

2018 12 26 zamgenkonsula yaponii min 8

The meeting was held by Sergey Andryushin, the Deputy Rector for International Affairs of St Petersburg University. The main topic of discussion was the future visit of the Japanese Association of Corporate Executives “Keizai Dōyukai” to the University.

The Deputy Consul General said that in April 2019 the Association plans to visit Moscow and St Petersburg to meet with leading Russian scientists and listen to their opinions on: international relations; national security; the exploration of the Arctic; and plans for the development of the Russian Far East. Mr Hideto Watanabe asked whether the University wanted to take the opportunity to organise a meeting of Japanese business representatives with professors and experts from St Petersburg University.

2018 12 26 zamgenkonsula yaponii min 8

Sergey Andryushin said that it was at St Petersburg University in 1994 where the teaching of international relations began in St Petersburg. Today, the University has special scholarly traditions that bring together highly qualified specialists. Meetings with experts from the United Nations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and various international organisations are held at St Petersburg University. These meetings cover the whole range of international issues – from issues of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to the topic of ecology and biosafety. Sergey Andryushin noted that the University is ready to welcome a delegation of Japanese corporate executives. It was also proposed to organise a meeting of representatives of the association with the administration of St Petersburg University to discuss the forms of cooperation with foreign business and promising areas of interaction.

During the meeting, they discussed the development of student exchanges between Russia and Japan. For several years, the University has been participating in the programme of the Youth Chamber of Japan in organising short-term cultural and study visits that allow young people of the two countries to get acquainted with the past and the present of Russia and Japan. Mr Hideto Watanabe suggested that St Petersburg University should expand the list of exchanges, including the creation of new volunteer exchange programmes.

We believe that in order to develop cooperation it is necessary to encourage communication between young people. So, we welcome events and initiatives for the exchange of student delegations.

Hideto Watanabe, the Deputy Consul General of Japan in St Petersburg

Sergey Andryushin said that there is a volunteer movement at St Petersburg University. The creation of such a project will therefore find a receptive audience among university students. The search for suitable candidates for participation in the new project will begin upon receipt of a formal request from the Consulate General.

2018 12 26 zamgenkonsula yaponii min 8