Petroleum Experts has donated educational licences to St Petersburg University. Pursuant to this educational agreement, University students will be granted access to special-purpose software. For the students of geology who are planning professional development in the petrochemical industry, using such software is an apparent competitive advantage.


St Petersburg University successfully implements degree programmes in such fields of study as "Geology" and "Petroleum Engineering". They are focused on training cross-disciplinary experts for the petrochemical industry capable of solving knowledge-based problems in the field of geology and hydrocarbon exploration. These programmes are a combination of traditional fundamental sciences and academic disciplines related to geology and geophysics. Such a combination makes it possible for future professionals to find solutions to most unconventional tasks.

According to this educational agreement, students of St Petersburg University will be granted access to 2 software packages. First of all, it is the MOVE suite, a structural geology modelling toolkit. Professionals working in big modern oil and gas companies use this suite to: create geological 2D and 3D models; check and improve the existing seismic interpretation; remodel the palaeosurface and sedimentation environment; determine the geometry and formation of traps, faults and salt domes; analyse deformations and model the dynamics of fault formation; predict crack formation; analyse fault conductivity; and mapping.

Pursuant to the said agreement, students will also be able to use the Integrated Production Modelling software (IPM) in their learning process. It includes: a fluid model (PVTp); a well model (Prosper); a collection / pressure maintenance model (GAP); a hydrodynamic reservoir model (Reveal); a simplified reservoir model (MBAL); and the Resolve integrator.

“Using the Petexsoftware in the academic process will help students better understand: the geological structure of the region or deposit being studied; the physical characteristics of rocks; engineering thermodynamics and thermodynamics of fluid media when modelling both the geological structures, with the processes creating them, and the production system, from the reservoir, oil and gas wells to the onshore pipeline system and the preparation system,” noted Vladimir Lushpeev, Associate Professor at the St Petersburg University Department of Geology of Mineral Deposits. “Training students to work with this software, so widely used in the petrochemical industry, offers them crucial advantages in career building.”

Students of relevant Master Degree Programmes at the University will be able to use the software as part of their classes organised in the Laboratory of Digital Geological and Geophysical Modelling created in accordance with the cooperation agreement between St Petersburg University and Gazprom Neft Science and Technology Centre. Master's students of geology and petroleum engineering will use the Petex toolkits when working on their theses.

As a result, the students of geology will have the opportunity to combine knowledge of a wide range of methods, from constructing regional and local structural models and analysing sedimentary basins to the geology of reservoirs and methods for predicting their development. St Petersburg University education includes studying and application of geostatistical methods for constructing 2D and 3D geological models, uncertainty estimates and their influence on prediction of oil and gas occurrence. In addition to the theoretical part, the programmes include practical assignments in petrophysics, interpretation of seismic data, geological and simulation modelling, and uncertainty estimates.

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Petroleum engineering software makes it possible for the oil and gas industry to dynamically model oil reservoirs, operational and injection wells, as well as surface pipelines in the form of an integrated production system.

Petroleum Experts is a petroleum engineering and geological company developing a wide range of software. Petex was founded in 1990. Today, its solutions are used by more than 420 companies worldwide. Petex has repeatedly won prestigious awards in its own industry: SME Awards (for Scotland); Business of the Year (in Scotland); Ruban D'Honneur European Business Award; and Deloitte Fast 50 Awards (in Scotland). Petroleum Experts is recognised throughout the whole international oil and gas industry as an engineering market leader in its area of ​​expertise.