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  1. Microbiologists of St Petersburg University, together with researchers from the Institute of Cellular and Intracellular Symbiosis of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the University of Pisa, and the University of Florenceinvestigated the microbiome of a sessile free-living ciliate Stentor coeruleus. This is one of the first studies addressing prokaryotic communities associated with unicellular eukaryotes  through metagenomic analysis. The research results have been published in Scientific Reports.

  2. How do students who have moved away from home adapt to university life? What challenges do they face? A master’s student at St Petersburg University Polina Puzhlivaia talked about this at the 23d International Scientific Conference of students and young scientists ‘Psychology of the 21st century.’

  3. Patients with complex joint deformity will be able to get high-technology medical treatment in the Pirogov Clinic of  High Medical Technologies. Doctors of the University clinic are developing 3D printed prostheses unknown in Russia before.

  4. The Consul General of the Republic of Turkey Yunus Belet and the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Politics of Ankara University Can Giray Özgül paid an official visit to St Petersburg University. The objectives of the meeting were to discuss the prospects for further cooperation between Turkish universities and St Petersburg University.

  5. Leonid Skripnikov is an Associate Professor of the Department of Quantum Mechanics, Senior Research Associate of the Laboratory of Quantum Chemistry of Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named by B.P. Konstantinov of NRC ‘Kurchatov Institute’, and Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. He has been included into the Periodic Table of Young Chemists. The list was compiled by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) in celebration of its 100th anniversary and the International Year of the Periodic Table.