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  1. St Petersburg University has held the Autumn Career Day 2018, with over 30 international and Russian companies taking part in it.

  2. A delegation from TOBB University of Economics and Technology of Turkey headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management Ihsan Sezal has visited St Petersburg University. The agenda of the meeting raised issues of training Turkish citizens at St Petersburg University as part of their internship in Russia, as well as the prospects for academic and research exchange.

  3. Headed by the Professor of St Petersburg University Dmitry Vlasov, a team of St Petersburg University biologists studied how anthropogenic human activities change the ecological and cenotyc structure of microbial communities in the Arctic and Antarctic. Under the influence of external factors, the number of opportunistic microorganisms is growing, and they become more resistant to stress.

  4. Nikolay Kropachev, the Rector of St Petersburg University, was awarded the title of honorary citizen of the South Korean capital. The diploma and a memorial sign «Honorary Citizen of Seoul» were presented to him by the Mayor of the city, Park Won-soon. During the solemn ceremony, Park Won-soon noted the significant contribution that the Rector of St Petersburg University has made to the development of Russian-Korean relations.

  5. The Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in St Petersburg Yunus Belet met with St Petersburg University students and academic staff who are specialising in Turkic philology.