There are many sports leagues at SPbU, so each student can either engage in his or her favourite sport or choose a new one: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, rugby, mountaineering, mountain skiing, orienteering, swimming, skiing, mountain biking, aerobics, boxing, wrestling and rowing. Student teams participate in international competitions and often win them.

Social Activities

Socially minded students join different organisations: SPbU Students’ Trade Union, the Center for Student Initiatives, the Career Center, the International Students’ Club, various creative teams and scientific societies. Students play intellectual games, publish newspapers and magazines, become volunteers and entrepreneurs.

Creative Opportunities

There is a great number of teams for creative students at SPbU. Some of them have already achieved national and even international recognition. These include a student choir, a youth chamber orchestra, a drama studio, a vocal studio and a Russian folk instruments orchestra.

Events and Festivals

Sports events, parties, concerts, festivals, performances, balls and much more are an integral part of student life. The following events are the most popular among students: the KVN student championship, the Peterhof Olympic sports festival, the fancy-dress jazz party, and the International Festival aimed at blurring distinctions and establishing friendly relations between students from different countries.