Biblioteka 20  
  1. The right to use the SPbU library and information resources is provided to the following categories of users:
  • students of St Petersburg University;
  • academic staff of St Petersburg University;
  • other employees of St Petersburg University;
  • individuals providing teaching services and conducting research, development and technological works for SPbU in accordance with independent contractor agreements.
  1. To be granted access to the library, the above-mentioned users shall sign a gratuitous contract for library and information services with St Petersburg University in accordance with these Guidelines in the form established by St Petersburg University.
  2. In order to facilitate scientific and/or teaching and methodological work for individuals who do not fall under the above categories of users (third-party users), SPbU shall be entitled to provide library and information services by virtue of a non-gratuitous contract.
  3. The library card is a document granting access to the library and information resources of St Petersburg University.
  4. The library card shall be issued upon submission of one of the following documents:
  • an identity document;
  • a service certificate or other document approved by SPbU;
  • a student card — for students of St Petersburg University;
  • a document confirming the student status and approved by SPbU.
  1.  Access to the electronic resources by SPbU subscription shall be granted upon submission of the user's identification data (login, password) assigned as per the procedure established at SPbU.