Saint Petersburg State University is pleased to announce it will be organizing an open competition “Investment Potential of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation”

The scientific work includes the discussion about the Arctic natural resources, climate changes, ecology of the Polar Regions, the social and economic development of the Arctic territories, international cooperation and etc.

Deadline for applications:

Applications in ENGLISH are accepted from the time of announcement of the Competition until 17-45 on August 31, 2017.  Applications that are executed in violation of the deadlines and requirements shall not be considered.  Changes in applications after a specified period are not allowed. Deadline — September, 29, 2017.


Purpose and content of research work:

The general problem and specific tasks solved in the project; topic "Investment potential of the Russian Arctic zone: opportunities, challenges and prospects for realization"; analysis of the current state in the relevant field, with a list of major world publications on the topic of research work; actuality of the tasks; methods and approaches for solving the tasks

The results of the Contest must be announced no later than September 29, 2017.


More detailed information:

  • Foreign citizens, including scientific and pedagogical workers of Russian and foreign scientific and educational institutions, can take part in the Competition as heads of scientific research work.
  • The planned date for the start of funding research work is January 2018.The term of financing is up to 3 years.The amount of funding research work is about 4 million rubles annually.

Stelnova A. Irina — Consultant to Vice-Rector for Research.

Tel: +7 (812) 324–12–58;

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