Online courses at St Petersburg University are reaching an international scale. Disciplines are being developed in English for those who do not speak Russian, but want to become a listener of the lectures of leading university professors and scientists.

We suggest getting to know them better.


Constitutional reforms in Russia

The course prepared by one of the best Russian experts in constitutional law will focus on political, economic and cultural dimensions of the Russian constitutional system. Historical background of constitutional reforms and today developments will be discussed, basing on concrete examples of these developments.

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Protists: Evolution and Ecology of Microbial Eukaryotes

Life on Earth appears to be dominated by higher plants and animals. Yet an immense variety of microbial eukaryotes swarm in the foliage, grass, soil, bogs, ponds, streams, lakes, and oceans. These inconspicuous organisms are flagellates, algae, ciliates, sarcodines, slime molds, apicomplexans. This assemblage is generally termed the protists. Our course is to build a comprehensive picture of protistan diversity. 

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Russia and Nuclear Arms Control

Russia is one of two world powers with the most powerful nuclear аrsenal. Nuclear weapons play a big role in politics ensuring military security. At the same time, Russia is a party to the international nuclear non-proliferation regime and pursues an active policy in this field. In addition, there is also a bilateral Russian-American regime of nuclear arms control. All this has a serious impact on international security.

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Political Governance and Public Policy in Russia

The course introduces the political system, the process of policy- and decision-making, and the specifics of public policy in Russia.

The course is designed to study the features of the political structure of modern Russia. It contains both general information on the institutional, procedural and value components of the political system and public policy in Russia, as well as a description of the problems, contradictions and prospects for the political development of the country. 

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General Pathophysiology

The course covers the fundamentals of General Pathophysiology, a key basic medical science essential for a physician. Pathophysiology serves as integrative core in the system of medical knowledge.
The course is designated for medical and biology students and for specialists of biological/chemical/physical/psycological profiles involved in medical research and clinical projects. It is also useful for postgraduate refreshing and self-studies of medical specialists.

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Russian as a Foreign Language B1+, B2-1, B2-2.

The goal of this complex of courses is to summarize in a comprehensive way the knowledge and communicative skills of Russian as a Foreign Language in the framework of level B1. This complex has a cross-cultural context, it introduces the listener to the Russian lifestyle and way of thinking. This course will be helpful for foreign university entrants, who plan to graduate from a Russian university, as well as for those who are already in their freshman bachelor year and have some troubles adjusting to a new environment.

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Competitive Programming

This specialization will introduce you to the world of competitions and will provide you with the skills to capitalize on the potential of computer science to drive your career. You will go through the essential basics of competitions: rules, main events, how to prepare and reasons of participation. Courses developed by current world championships cover all common problem topics/areas, which you can face at most prestigious contests.

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