Set of Documents Required to Apply for Russian Government Scholarship in 2022

  • An application for admission to an educational programme of the appropriate level in the format established by the Admissions Committee (filled in upon registration for the Personal Account)
  • Consentof the Candidate to Personal Data Processing, Transmission and Storage
  • An application form for admission within the quota (filled in block letters and provided with a colour photo)
  • A copy of your identity document. Please note that the applicant’s passport should be valid for at least 18 months after the beginning of the planned study period.
  • A medical certificate confirming the absence of medical contraindications against studying in the Russian Federation as well as the absence of all types of hepatitis and tuberculosis
  • A medical certificate on the absence of the HIV virus and AIDS
  • Certificates confirming the undertaking of medical examinations (for specialist’s degree programmes “General Medicine” and “'Dental Medicine” only)
  • Educational credential and supplements prepared according to the rules2
  • Photo 3×4 cm
  • Documents for the portfolio competition

Please note the programmes that marked as Russian and English are taught mainly in Russian.

All the documents issued in a foreign language must be translated into Russian



Set of Documents Required to Apply on Fee-Paying basis in 2021

  • An application form for an educational programme. The application is filled in and uploaded to the Personal Account
  • An original Credential (document of education) and its supplements with grades/marks. The educational documents should be properly prepared to be submitted in the Russian Federation.

Some educational certificates will have to undergo legalisation to be recognised in the Russian Federation (requires a recognition certificate or a qualifications equivalence certificate). Study details for Recognition of foreign educational credentials.

  • A copy of an identity document

Please note that your passport should have validity of minimum 18 months at the time your studies at SPbU begin. If you need to get a Russian visa please fill in an application form for visa invitation and submit it to Personal Account

  • ·4 (four) photographs 3х4 cm

All the documents issued in a foreign language must be translated into Russian.

Admissions tests for main programmes are in form of competitive selection of documents (Portfolio) except entry exams for Specialist degree program General medicine and Stomatology. Please, note that the language of instruction for these two programs is Russian. The titles of admission tests are active links to the list of requirements, recommended literature, and, in some cases, sample tests

Upon arrival to Saint-Petersburg please remember to provide the following migration documents to the International Admissions Office

For more details about the migration documents please click on the Visa Support. To get an invitation for a Russian visa, contact the SPbU International Admissions Office in advance. Note that visa invitation processing time is up to 40 days.