To be admitted to an educational programme in the Russian Federation, applicants must provide recognised international academic credentials.

The Government of the Russian Federation has published a list of foreign educational institutions whose academic credentials are recognised in Russia:

Credentials from other educational institutions will be considered by St. Petersburg State University specifically. Recognition for admission purposes is conducted by the SPbU Committee for the Evaluation of Academic Credentials.

To be accepted in the Russian Federation, the academic documents have to meet several requirements.

How to prepare the academic documents for submission? 

The basic (compulsory) set of documents includes: 

  • An original Credential (document of education) and its supplements with grades/marks. 

The documents are to be legalised by the Consulate of the Russian Federation or by apostille

Legalisation must be carried out in the county which issued the document of education. 

For more details visit the official website of the National Information Center

Documents issued in the countries of multilateral or bilateral agreements, which abolish the requirement of legalisation of documents, are accepted without legalisation.

 Click on the link  to check if your home country is on the list:

  •  Certified Russian translation of the legalised academic documents and supplements. Translations must be notarised in the Russian Federation or in the RF embassy/consulate abroad. 

Copies of the translated documents should be bound to the certified translations.

Enclose the copies of the translated documents to the notarised translations.

Documents issued in the countries of multilateral or bilateral agreements can be certified according to the rules of those countries.

 Click on the link  to check if your home country is on the list:

  • Depending on the programme, applicants are asked to submit evidence of previous education: 

Certificate of secondary education (or its equivalent) to apply for undergraduate programmes.

Bachelor Degree (or its equivalent) to apply for main Master Programmes.

Master Degree to apply for a Doctoral programme

If you have any questions on the recognition of credentials or the recognitions of the official documents in Russia, please send them to the SPbU Committee for the Evaluation of Foreign Credentials (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or visit the office at 13 B, 1st floor, University Embankment, St Petersburg.