St Petersburg University has introduced the Virtual Excursion. This is a project that helps you discover the University online.

You can see the main corridor at the Twelve Collegia that is the longest university’s corridor in the world, Petrovskii Hall that has preserved its original interior of the 18th century, Park of the Modern Sculpture, and St Peter and Paul’s Church to name but a few.

St Petersburg is famous the world over for its University. St Petersburg University is not a campus university, so it is not all located on one site. It is made up of many different buildings located around Vasilievskii Island, Central district, Admiralty district, and Petergof. Many of them are unique architectural monuments, say, Mikhailovskaia Dacha and Bobrinski’s Palace, that are harmonious in combining history and modernity.

The Twelve Collegia, as the main building of the University, demonstrates a notable example of Peter the Great’s architectural period and was built by Domenico Trezzini and А. F. Shchedrin in the 18th century. Initially, it was a place for the Russian government: Senate, Synod, and collegia. In 1838, it was commissioned to the University. Since it has been housing offices, Gorky Research Library, resource centres and laboratories of the Research Park. It is also a place where we hold important events: ceremonies, concerts, conferences, and meetings with famous people and those who come to visit the University.

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Bobrinsky Palace is an 18 – 19th ct. architecture heritage sight constructed by Luigi Rusca. It is located in one of the oldest districts of St. Petersburg and named after the family who owned the palace from 1798 to 1917. In the 19th ct. Bobrinsky Palace was one of the centres of social and cultural life in St. Peterburg.

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47 Bolshaya Morskaya Street, St. Petersburg. This address is known to every reader of Vladimir  Nabokov’s works. The future great writer, the great exile  was born in this house on  April 10 (Old Style), 22/23 April (New Style), 1899. Since then  the house has not changed much , the house number is the same. Moreover, the original name of the street, which was changed after 1917, is now back. In his autobiographical novel  "Speak, Memory" written almost fifty years after leaving the house, Vladimir Nabokov  described the house and the lifestyle of his family in great detail.

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The museum-archive is located in the SPbU Twelve Collegia building in the former flat of Mendeleev, where the notable scientist lived and worked for more than 20 years. In the virtual tour you will be able to see the instruments invented by Mendeleev for Meteorology research, technical-economical and agricultural works.

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SPbU History Museum has published an audio tour covering the history of the Imperial St Petersburg University in the late 19th century.

The tour is based on the photographs taken by the University graduate in Chemistry Boris Nikolaevich Menshutkin (1874-1938) in 1898-1899. The unique pictures combined with audio descriptions prepared by the Museum experts allow the viewers to travel 120 years back in time and visit the Imperial St Petersburg University.

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