The aim of the programme is to provide international students with an overview of educational programmes and training options in the field of study Political Science. All the programmes are taught in English.  



Students attend lectures and seminars in English to gain insight into specialisations within Political Science, programme curriculum, and specifics of field-related training. Students focus on what makes Political Science special, its history and current trends in the development of major research schools and areas of study.  The programme equips international students with knowledge necessary to choose the most effective strategy of further training in Political Science as well communication skills (both oral and written) to progress in their chosen study path. 

Key features of the programme

The programme runs for one week with 6 study hours in total (contact hours).

Type of enrollment: full-time

Upon the completion of the programme and final assessment, graduates obtain a duly-executed SPbU certificate.

Center for Additional Educational Programmes in  International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, and Economics

Contact person: Lyubov Marchenko

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Phone: +7 (812) 363-64-39