The programme makes it possible for students, in the shortest possible period, to understand the specifics of: conducting various types of international negotiations; and the preparatory stage of international negotiations. They will work out negotiation technologies during business games.  Particular emphasis is laid on the study of the psychological fundamentals of international negotiations. These can significantly increase their effectiveness.



Type of study: full-time.

Duration: 1 to 5 weeks.

Workload: 33 hours (17 contact hours).

Tuition fee: 15,000 roubles.

Beginning of instruction: as and when the groups are formed; when concluding an agreement for simultaneous training of 6 or more people, the terms are discussed with the client company individually.

The programme is aimed at:

The formation of basic theoretical ideas about negotiations; and an understanding of the specifics of the psychological and ethnic characteristics of international negotiations.

Graduates of the programme will be capable of:

- understanding the theory of the negotiation process;

- applying methods and tactics in the course of international negotiations;

- analysing the negotiation process.

Main topics:

  • International negotiations as a practical activity
  • Conducting various types of negotiations. Preparation of international negotiations
  • Methods and tactics of negotiations
  • Psychological foundations and ethnic characteristics of negotiations

 Contact information:

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Anna Sidorova