This comprehensive programme provides a short-term theoretical insight into the current Russian political system, economy and situation in the world arena. What is more, international students get an insight into the fundamentals of national project management.



Type of study: full-time.

Duration: 1 week

Workload: 41 hours (21 contact hours).

Tuition fee: 35,000 roubles.

Beginning of instruction: as and when groups are formed; when concluding an agreement for simultaneous training of 6 or more people, the terms are discussed with the client company individually.

The programme is aimed at familiarising international students with: the political system of the Russian Federation; modern foreign policy and the country's position in the world arena; economic and cultural diplomacy; and the specifics of project management.

Graduates of the programme will be capable of:

- understanding the characteristics of the modern foreign policy of the Russian Federation and the country's position on the world arena;                                                                

- applying their knowledge by analysing the evolution of Russia's foreign policy; 

- understanding the main trends of the foreign policy of the leading foreign states, their diplomacy and relations with the Russian Federation;

- simulating administrative processes and procedures taking place in the government agencies of the Russian Federation;

- thinking systematically, setting goals and choosing ways to achieve them, identifying the international political and diplomatic meaning of problems and processes;

- applying scientific approaches, concepts and methods developed within the framework of modern social sciences and humanities for an independent analysis of theoretical and empirical problems.

Main topics:

  • Russian foreign policy
  • Russian political system
  • Integration processes in the post-Soviet space
  • Russian economic diplomacy and soft power
  • Project management in Russia

 Contact information:

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Anna Sidorova