This non-degree programme is designed to train foreign teachers preparing to teach mathematical academic disciplines.  During the training, students will master Russian at a level of proficiency comparable to the B2 level. The programme includes four levels of Russian language proficiency: from A1 to B2.  According to the results of a placement test and an interview, students are recommended the discipline (Level) that is most appropriate for their level of language proficiency.



Type of study (fourth filter): Full-time, online training using ICT is possible

Duration: 12 months/48 weeks

Workload: 576 hours (288 contact hours)

Programme type (third filter): General education programme

Tuition fee: A1 – 50,320 roubles; A2 – 68,930 roubles; B2 – 78,185 roubles.

The lecturers are leading experts in the field of Russian as a foreign language, authors of textbooks and study guides on Russian as a foreign language, experienced teachers and developers of programmes in Russian as a foreign language.

Successful mastering of the course will enable foreign teachers of mathematics to: read and listen to the B2 level texts in Russian; use correctly grammatical structures when writing various texts and when speaking with native speakers of the Russian language; and master the scientific language.

The programme provides practical classes in Russian. They are either integrated or aspect-oriented and cover such aspects as ‘Grammar. Vocabulary’, ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’, ‘Speaking’, ‘Listening’, and ‘Scientific Language’.  Interactive forms of classes are used: instructed actions and role-playing games. The programme has been designed taking into account professional needs of students.

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