The programme is designed to train employees of diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Russia who want to achieve the A2 level of Russian.



Programme type: General education programme

Type of study: Full-time

Workload: 328 hours (220 contact hours)

Tuition fee: 88,000 roubles.

The main idea of the programme is to provide employees of diplomatic missions with an opportunity to: master Russian at the A2 level; acquire elements of the professional communicative competence (a diplomat’s competence) in Russian; and obtain the local knowledge about Russia and its history in a convenient mode.

The lecturers are leading experts in the field of Russian as a foreign language, authors of textbooks and study guides on Russian as a foreign language, experienced teachers and developers of programmes in Russian as a foreign language.

Successful mastering of the course will enable employees of diplomatic missions of foreign countries to: read and listen to the A2 level texts in Russian; use correctly grammatical structures when writing various texts and when speaking with native speakers of the Russian language; and participate in standard communicative situations and elementary communicative situations of professional communication. As part of the course, students will learn about the history and traditions of contemporary Russia. They will also get acquainted with texts on the history of diplomacy, machinery of a state, and diplomatic etiquette in Russian.

The programme provides practical classes in Russian. They are either integrated or aspect-oriented and cover such aspects as ‘Grammar. Vocabulary’, ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’, ‘Speaking’, and ‘Listening’. The programme has been designed taking into account professional needs of students.

Target audience: employees of diplomatic missions, embassies, and consulates

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