Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: French/Spanish/Italian

Main courses

  • Screen Translation
  • Translation of advertising text
  • Computer-Aided Translation Tools
  • Methods of Linguistic Analysis
  • Translation of Court and Contract Documentation
  • Translation / Consecutive Interpreting from English
  • Literary Translation
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous Interpreting

Benefits of the programme

  • The continuity of traditions of the oldest Russia’s schools of thought.
  • Unique courses developed by SPbU experts, cutting-edge teaching techniques and technology.
  • A wide range of research topics and methodologies in the area of foreign languages.
  • Extensive training in a specialized and competitive area of translation.

Key skills

  • Ability to apply translation transformations for achieving the required level of equivalence and representation in all kinds of translation
  • Consecutive interpreting and sight translation skills
  • Note-taking skills in consecutive interpreting
  • Working knowledge of methods used for comprehensive assessment of complex translation projects from/to Romance languages, involving modern computer-assisted translation tools, terminology management features and linguistic software.


The programme trains translators of general and specialized focus areas. Graduates are well-equipped to join the translation market and perform practical and managerial tasks using cutting-edge translation technologies.

Graduates are well-placed to provide high-quality

  • Translation services (translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting) to natural and legal persons or embark on a career in translation departments of international organisations.
  • Language consulting
  • Language services management (management of project teams and translation departments)Translator training
  • Applied research in linguistics and related disciplines
  • Postgraduate study in Russia or abroad

Organisations where our graduates work

  • Translation agencies
  • Legal departments of large companies and organisations

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