Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian



  • Microeconomics. Advanced Level
  • Macroeconomics. Advanced Level
  • Econometrics. Advanced Level
  • Mathematical Economics. Advanced Level
  • Game Theory. Advanced Level
  • Econometric Analysis of Innovative Processes
  • Econometric Models of Uncertainty and Risk
  • Modern Methods of Panel Data Analysis
  • Business Valuation and Value-Based Management
  • Production Management and Supply Chain Management
  • Mathematical and Simulation Methods in Economics
  • Mathematical Models of Real Options
  • Mathematical Methods of Capital Investment Performance Analysis
  • Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Trade System Management
  • Mathematical Methods in Logistics
  • Mathematical Models and Business Planning Methods

Our advantages

  • The programme trains highly qualified specialists who are able to solve current economic problems by actively applying modern quantitative approaches.
  • The programme provides in-depth training in the field of optimisation, probabilistic, econometric, and game-theoretic methods.
  • The programme is focused on the comprehensive development of competitive advantages and rapid professional growth of applicants. They will have an advanced level of mathematical training acquired prior to enrolment. It provides great opportunities for employment and career growth of graduates.
  • In-depth theoretical and mathematical training provides the graduates with considerable leeway for personal and creative growth, and further research activities at leading international universities and research centres.

Main areas of research

  • Application of mathematical methods in the modern economy, including in situations characterised by an increased level of conflict of interest, uncertainty and risk
  • Econometric models and methods in economics
  • Application of mathematical methods in logistics
  • Mathematical models and business planning methods
  • Mathematical models of pricing and taxation
  • Mathematical models of comprehensive analysis of modern commodity markets and raw materials markets
  • Modern methods for mathematical modelling of capital market
  • Mathematical methods of business valuation
  • Mathematical methods of Russian–Chinese trade relations analysis
  • Financial engineering methods and models
  • Models of economic growth



  • Educator (educational activities in the field of preschool, primary general, compulsory, secondary general education) (preschool teacher, teacher)
  • Teacher of professional training, vocational education, and lifelong professional education and training
  • Payment systems specialist
  • Microfinance operations specialist
  • Securities market specialist
  • Internal control specialist
  • Bank treasury specialist
  • Specialist in financial consulting
  • Hypothecation specialist
  • Risk management specialist


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