Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian


Main academic courses

  • Old Russian Art in the Context of European Development
  • Art of Ancient China
  • Art of Ancient Japan
  • Russian Art and European Schools
  • Methods of Art Objects Attribution
  • The Style Problem in the Art of Old Masters
  • Modern Art: Definitions, History, Typology
  • History and Practice of Art Criticism

Our advantages

  • The programme provides the study of the art history of Russia, Europe, the Muslim world, the Far East during different eras;
  • A key feature of the programme is its approach to the study of the history of art at the crossroads of eras and national borders: a cross-cutting unifying issue for the disciplines of the programme is the problem of ‘national identity’ in the context of modern globalisation. Teaching the History of Art at St Petersburg University combines both modern methods and traditional approaches. This is typical of the school of art, which has been formed within the walls of the University for a century and a half (since 1874);
  • Practical acquisition of knowledge on the programme takes place in the leading museums of St Petersburg, including the State Hermitage and the Russian Museum;
  • The graduate possesses unique competencies in the field of history and theory of Russian, European and Oriental art, and the practical basis of research, museum, curatorial, and teaching activities;
  • The programme provides an opportunity to become familiar with relevant aesthetic and artistic issues, as well as with the practice of contemporary art life. As a result of the programme the graduate is able to perform research, educational, cultural-educational, organisational, administrative and analytical work.

Practical training and career opportunities

Training includes museum, pedagogical, and architectural and introductory field practice. Field practice is held at the premises of Moscow State University. Students can optionally be involved in the architectural and archaeological practice of St Petersburg University.

List of key positions

  • Art-critic
  • Auction houses expert
  • Art communication manager
  • Gallery business expert
  • Museum researcher
  • Guide
  • Researcher
  • Educator
  • Editorial staff-member of publishing houses
  • Journalist
  • Political writer


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