Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian


Areas of specialisation

  • Innovative Technology in Social Work

Main academic courses

  • Social Policy and Social Welfare: Issues and Tendencies of Development
  • Philosophy, Methodology and Methods in Social Science
  • Studies in Social Innovations
  • Integrative Human Study
  • Modern Approaches to Management of Social Services
  • English for Professional Communication
  • Information Technologies in Social Science
  • Modern Theories in Social Work

Our advantages

  • Graduates acquire knowledge and skills that will help them: effectively solve social problems at the level of the individual, social group and society as a whole; implement innovative projects and programmes; and activate partnership of social actors.
  • An extensive list of competencies to be developed make it possible for graduates to: conduct research in the field of social work; design new technologies relying on state-of-the-art information tools and achievements of the social sciences and the humanities; and use new models and standards of social care services.
  • The programme is focused on the human resourcing of the processes of modernisation and updating of the social sphere, solving increasingly complex social problems, improving the social policy of the state, harmonising the interests of various social groups and applying innovative technologies in the social sector.
  • Students have an opportunity to take part in international academic exchange programmes, internships, and volunteering programmes in Europe and the USA. They take an active part in: research activities; international, Russian, and regional scientific conferences on specialised topics; and the activities of the Council of Young Scientists of St Petersburg University's Faculty of Sociology.
  • Appropriate training is provided for those master's students who plan further doctoral studies at leading Russian or foreign universities.
  • Students acquire knowledge complying with the international standards for a master’s in Social Sciences training.
  • Graduates rise to a higher level in personal development and social activity. They become experts in conflict resolution, and in business and interpersonal negotiations.


The programme is aimed at meeting the increased demands of the community in highly qualified professionals who are capable of using modern methods in managing social services and applying innovative technologies to improve the social welfare, living standards and the effectiveness of social policy in a rapidly changing social environment.

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