Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: English, Russian


  • Modern Social and Economic Development of Russia and China
  • Modern Social and Political Development of Russia and China
  • Social History of China in the 20th Century
  • Social History of China in the 20th Century
  • Contemporary Political Reforms in Russia and China
  • Chinese Reform and Opening-up
  • Formation of Civil Society Institutions in Russia and China
  • Social Problems of Modern Society
  • Current Social Policy in Russia and China
  • Social Environmental Science in Russia and China
  • Sociology of Entrepreneurship in Russia and China
  • Russian and Chinese Youth in the Context of Globalisation
  • Development of the Education System in Russia and China: A Comparative Analysis in the Light of Sociology
  • Modern Culture of Russia and China: A Sociological Analysis
  • Social and Economic Demography of Russia and China
  • Labour Markets in Russia and China: The Social Aspects of Transformation


The graduates can work as sociologists-researchers:

  • for state and municipal authorities of Russia and China:
  • at academic and departmental research organisations
  • at organisations related to international cooperation in science, politics and business
  • at international non-governmental political and charitable organisations, youth exchange organisations
  • for Russian, Chinese and other foreign-owned businesses (industrial and commercial ones, as well as those operating in the service sector)
  • in mass media (graduates get employed as reviewers
  • and analysts)
  • at institutions of higher and additional professional education

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