Level of education: Master programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian and Franch


Main academic courses

  • Philosophy of the French Enlightenment
  • Current Issues in French Philosophy
  • Cultural Dominants of France
  • Existentialism in France
  • Philosophy of History in France
  • Post-modernism in France
  • Psychiatric Discourse in 20th Century French Philosophy
  • The Russian Enlightenment
  • Specific Character of Russian Philosophy
  • Philosophical Thought in Ancient Russia: Names, Problems, Texts
  • Marxism in Russia
  • Philosophy of Russian Conservatism
  • The Russian Idea
  • Russian Positivism



Training comprises educational, pedagogical and research practice at the University. As part of the practical training students: teach independent classes; master educational methods; carry out research in the field of French and Russian philosophy; and acquire skills of analytical work including the preparation of expert opinions in social sciences and humanities.

Having mastered the programme graduates can be employed: in research and educational institutions; as experts, managers and consultants in social sciences and humanities; and as advisors in the sphere of interpersonal and social interactions in government institutions and private companies.


Scholars, teachers, experts, human resources managers, and social workers.


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