Level of education: Aspirantura programme

Type of instruction : Full-time

Duration: 3 years

Language of instruction: Russian

Main academic courses

  • Current Issues in Journalism
  • Key Issues in the History and Theory of Journalism
  • Research Methodology and Methods in Mass Media
  • Journalism
  • Key Issues in Political Communications and Political Information
  • Pedagogy: Didactics in Higher Education

Resource opportunities for research

  • The M. Gorky Scientific Library of St Petersburg University
  • Contracts with leading libraries and archival institutions, mass media editors’ offices
  • The cycle of scientific events: the International Scientific Forum “Media in the Modern World: St Petersburg Readings”; International Academic Conference “Strategic Communications in Business and Politics”; International Conference “Mass Media in the Modern World: Young Researchers”; International theoretical and practical conference “Journalism of the 21st Century” and others.
  • Scientific publications: “The Information Age” series; International scientific journal “Media Linguistics”

Our advantages

  • The programme is designed to: develop the ability to critically analyse and evaluate modern scientific achievements; generate new ideas in solving research and practical problems, including those in interdisciplinary areas;
  • The programme prepares students for the design and implementation of comprehensive (including interdisciplinary) research in journalism based on a holistic system scientific worldview using knowledge in the field of history and philosophy of science;
  • The programme is designed to train specialists who are ready for: independent research and business activities in journalism using advanced research methods and information and communication technologies; teaching activities for degree programmes at higher institutions; participating in the work of Russian and international research teams to solve scientific and educational problems; using advanced methods and techniques of academic communication in the state and foreign languages.