Level of education: Aspirantura programme

Type of instruction : Full-time

Duration: 3 years

Language of instruction: English and Russian

Main academic courses

  • Foreign Language
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Grants and Funding of Historical Studies
  • Modern Information and Library Systems
  • Methodology of World History Studies / The History of Russia / Historical Sources / Archaeological Studies
  • Academic Writing (Archaeology / History / Source Studies)
  • Editorship, Publishing and Electronic Products in the Historical Sciences
  • Teaching History at Higher Education Institutions
  • Expert Activity in Historical Sciences
  • Expert Activity in Archaeology
  • Digital Resources in Historical Science
  • Public History

Resource opportunities for research

  • Access to a wide range of professional electronic databases included in the St Petersburg University subscription (including academic national and foreign journals);
  • Access to digitised databases from the Boris N. Yeltsin Presidential Library;
  • Access to the resource base of the Laboratory for Codicological Research and Scientific Expertise of Documents at the Manuscript Department of the National Library of Russia and the Resource Centre of the State Russian Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSPHOTO;
  • Access to archives, museums and scientific libraries of St Petersburg, Moscow, regions of Russia, and abroad

Our advantages

  • The programme is designed to train qualified researchers who are able to work in the context of modern forms of science organisation. These include a system of grants and scientific internships, and publication of research findings in top-rated scientific journals in Russia and a number of foreign countries;
  • Uniquely designed courses on expert activities of the historian, modern methods of library and archival heuristics, scientific fundraising, modern scientometrics, and scientific management in historical research;
  • Partnership with European universities and research centres.