Level of education: Aspirantura programme

Type of instruction : Full-time

Duration: 3 years

Language of instruction: Russian

Main academic courses

  • Pedagogy
  • Psychological Fundamentals of the Educational Process
  • Methodology of Educational Research
  • Comparative Educational Research
  • Pedagogical Prognostics and Expertise
  • Aspirantura Programme Seminar
  • Cognitive Studies
  • Forecasting and Expert Evaluation in Education
  • Pedagogics and Psychology
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Research Methodology in Education


Resource opportunities for research

  • The M. Gorky Scientific Library of St Petersburg University
  • Access to the university network of academic journal databases (including foreign ones) in their area of study
  • Access to world information resources: Elsevier (Science Direct platform), the Digital Dissertation Library, EBSCO and others
  • A unique base for research and teaching practice in the best Russian educational organisations and programmes

Our advantages

  • The doctoral programme involves training highly qualified specialists who are able to carry out active research and design activities in the education system. This includes the examination and evaluation of the quality of the educational process;
  • Graduates of the programme gain experience in the design and implementation of innovative teaching materials;
  • The programme prepares graduates to participate in the shaping, understanding and implementation of educational policy in Russia at the present stage of development of society;
  • Doctoral students have internships in leading Russian educational institutions;
  • The programme is unique in that it can provide training for graduates with non-pedagogical degrees.

Career opportunities

  • Research and teaching activities
  • Comparative analysis of international educational experience
  • Activities for designing new pedagogical techniques for academic programmes and projects (including network and electronic ones)
  • Expert forecasting activities in the field of educational policy
  • Teaching and educational activities
  • Design and implementation of programmes and projects to promote education
  • Corporate education