Level of education: Aspirantura programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Language of instruction: Russian


Main academic courses

  • Molecular Biophysics. Seminar
  • Polymer Physics. Seminar
  • Interaction of DNA with Proteins
  • Modern Polymeric Materials. Properties and Application
  • Model Theories of Relaxation Processes of Polymeric Nanosystems
  • Complexes of Biological Macromolecules with Ligands
  • Supplementary Chapters of Physics of Polymers and Liquid Crystals
  • Self-Organization in Solutions of Polymers and Biopolymers
  • Computer Simulation of Polymers
  • High Molecular Weight Compounds


Resource opportunities for research

  • 6.9 million printed books and digital subscription in the M. Gorky Scientific Library of St Petersburg University;
  • Opportunities for international research exchange;
  • Opportunities for participation in international grants, conferences, and internships abroad at leading universities of the world;
  • Experimental studies are carried out using the unique equipment of the resource centres of St Petersburg University, and the research laboratories of University departments;


Our advantages

  • Doctoral students gain knowledge and acquire skills that make it possible for them to work successfully in the field of molecular biophysics and molecular biology, physics of polymers and liquid crystals, and computer simulation;
  • Doctoral students carry out research supported by grants, take part in international conferences, publish articles in top-rated academic journals, and do internships at leading research centres in Russia, Europe and the USA