Level of education: Clinical residency programme

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Language of instruction: Russian 


Main academic courses

  • Exercise Therapy and Sports Medicine
  • Practical Training in Exercise Therapy and Sports Medicine
  • Clinical Anatomical Pathology
  • External Electronic Information Resources in Medicine and Biology
  • Medical Informatics and Statistics of Scientific Research
  • Organisation of Sports Medicine
  • Organisation of Exercise Therapy
  • Theory and Methods of Physical Education and Sports Training: Hygiene of Physical Exercise


Our advantages

  • The programme is designed to train specialists in the field of medicine who know modern innovative technologies. They will be able to use them in practice in the treatment and prevention of various diseases;
  • In order to build and develop students' professional skills during the academic process, the programme provides an extensive use of active and interactive forms of conducting classes. These include computer simulations, business and role-playing games, case studies and other trainings, together with extracurricular work. The training courses include meetings with representatives of Russian and foreign companies, state and public institutions, and master classes of experts and specialists;
  • An important aspect of training is practical work with patients. On its basis the clinical residency student systematises and deepens the knowledge acquired, and develops a certain set of practical skills;
  • Graduates' professional activities include health care of citizens by ensuring the provision of highly qualified medical care under the established requirements and standards in the field of health care.