taught in Russian

Level of education: Clinical residency programme

Type of study: Full-time

Duration: 2 years

Main academic courses

  • Psychiatry
  • Public Health and Health Care
  • Disaster Medicine
  • Clinical Anatomical Pathology
  • Practical Training in Psychiatry
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Psychotherapy
  • Sexology
  • Fundamentals of Forensic Psychiatry
  • Paediatric Psychiatry

Our advantages

The programme is designed to train specialists in the field of medicine who know modern innovative technologies. They will be able to use them in practice in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various mental disorders.

Implementation of various academic interests is provided by the close creative relations of the department with leading psychiatric and other medical institutions of the city. Employees of the department take part in research supported by grants.

Training involves insight into various areas of psychiatric science and practice. It makes it possible for students to master their practical skills, both in in-patient hospitals and in out-patient psychiatric care units. In-depth mastering of practical skills is combined with learning fundamental disciplines, necessary for a highly qualified professional, as well as with research activities.