St Petersburg University offers preparatory courses (for Foreign Citizens). Our experienced academic staff will help those looking to study at a higher education institution to learn Russian and special academic disciplines.

Preparatory courses are offered in the following areas:

  • natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry)
  • engineering sciences / technology (mathematics, physics and informatics)
  • humanities (social science, history and literature)
  • economics (social science, history and mathematics)
  • medicine and biology (chemistry, biology and physics)

The total amount of direct contact teaching makes up 1060 hours, self-study — 1332 hours. The first semester is totally given to learning Russian (24 hours per week). In January, after a 10-day holiday break, the students are divided into groups, depending on their area of specialisation, and study, along with learning Russian (24 hours per week), the course titled «Introduction to the Language of Speciality». They study basic terminology and grammatical structures of the academic language of three disciplines in their area of specialisation. The second semester includes less hours of Russian (15 hours per week), and three general education subjects in the student’s area of specialisation are introduced. Instruction is provided by the SPbU academic staff.

Applicants do not need to speak Russian to be enrolled. Groups for those whose Russian is А1–А2 may be organised if the required number of such applicants is enrolled.

Advantages of the programme:

  • instruction is provided by the leading teachers of the University
  • immersion experience for effective language proficiency
  • personal acquaintance with the educational process and student life of SPbU
  • interactive classes and a cultural programme including visiting museums and walking in parks; real-life application of knowledge

Instruction is organised in small groups, this meaning an individual approach to each student. Each student gets a set of teaching aids for the whole period of study. If required, accommodation in the SPbU halls of residence can be provided for an extra fee.

Instruction starts on 1 September and lasts 10 months. Tuition fee for 2019/20 is yet to be determined. The cost for programme in 2019/2020 is 272 000 rubl.

Students who have successfully completed the university preparatory course are issued a Certificate of a standard pattern prescribed by the University.

If you require a letter of invitation to apply for an entry visa, please inform the International Admissions Office personnel in advance.

Documents from international applicants to places on the contractual basis are accepted fromMarch 18 to July 01, 2019.


To submit your documents, you are required to:

  1. Register at our website Personal Account. Preparatory Course
  2. Fill in a questionnaire and an application form, print and sign your application for admission
  3. Upload the following required documents to the "Personal Account. Preparatory Course":
  • your application for admission;
  • a copy of your identity document. Your passport must be valid for at least 18 months from the date you have applied for an entry visa;
  • your educational credential and supplements thereto;
  • a photograph 3x4 cm.

Regulations for Admission of Students to the Additional Educational Programme "Preparatory Course (for International Citizens)" in the 2019/2020 Academic Year