Level of education: Bachelor programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Language of instruction: English, Russian

Main academic courses

  • History of Political Science
  • History of Political Doctrines
  • Political Anthropology
  • Political Psychology
  • Theory of Political Science
  • Theory and History of Political Institutions
  • Political Analysis and Political Forecast
  • History of Political Ideas in Russia
  • Political Communication
  • Public Choice Theory
  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Theories of Political Culture
  • History of Public Institutions and Civil Service in Russia
  • Global Political Process (17th–20th Centuries)
  • Theories of Public Policy
  • Network Approach in Politics and State Administration
  • Political Ethics
  • The State Environmental Policy
  • Political Sociology
  • Computer Software for Empirical Political Research
  • Political Regional Studies
  • Political Philosophy
  • Russian Politics
  • Comparative Political Science
  • Gender Policy
  • Management of Election Campaigns
  • Political Management
  • Political Systems of the European States and USA: Comparative Analysis
  • Political Systems of the Latin American Countries
  • Protest Political Behaviour in Contemporary World
  • Аdministrative Systems of Developed Countries
  • Government Relations
  • Applied Techniques in Political Analysis
  • Business and Politics
  • Global Politics and International Relations
  • Political Marketing and Advertising
  • Comparative Local Self-Government
  • International Political Institutions
  • Ethnic Politics
  • Modern World Politics (in English)
  • Mathematical Methods of Analysis and Modelling of Political Processes
  • Political Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Law in Public Administration


The programme is aimed at training qualified, competitive personnel for governmental agencies and local administrations, political parties and public associations, local authorities, business structures, international organisations, mass media, academic and research organisations .

The graduate can pursue a career of:

  • Public servant at the regulatory bodies of various levels
  • Specialist in the field of political analysis and forecasting
  • PR and GR specialist
  • Political strategist
  • Political journalist
  • Research worker in the field of sociopolitics
  • Professional politician

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