Level of education: Bachelor programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Language of instruction: English and Russian

Main academic courses

  • English Stylistics
  • History of Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Theoretical Issues in English Grammar
  • Theoretical Phonetics of English
  • Area Studies
  • General Linguistics
  • Linguoculturology
  • History of English Dialects
  • Speech Act Theory
  • Phonostylistics
  • History of Russian and Foreign Literature

Our advantages

  • This academic programme is for training foreign students. The target language (English) is both the language of instruction and the intermediate language.
  • A unique teaching aspect is adapted for the students, and specially designed teaching materials are used.
  • Training in practical English is for up to 14 hours per week. There is also the opportunity to receive a certificate for their level of proficiency in Russian and foreign languages. This guarantees parallel knowledge of two foreign languages.
  • Skills will be acquired in: translation and simultaneous interpreting; intercultural communication; and literary analysis. Knowledge of the history and culture of the countries of the studied languages will also be acquired.
  • Proficiency will be achieved in: various methods of linguistic analysis; methodological foundations of foreign language teaching; and research skills in linguistic areas.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in a chosen field of study will be acquired.

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