Level of education: Bachelor programmes

Type of instruction: Full-time

Duration: 4 years

Language of instruction:  Russian

Main academic courses

  • History of Italian Culture
  • Modern Language of the Region (Italian)
  • Italian Identity
  • History of Italian Art
  • Cultural Geography of Italy
  • History of the Italian Language and Literature
  • Italian for Culture Experts
  • Modern and Contemporary History of Italy
  • History of Ancient and Medieval Western Philosophy
  • Italian Cinema
  • Culture of Everyday Life in Italy
  • Entrepreneurial Economics and Business Culture in Italy
  • Italian–Russian Cultural Relations and Prospects for Their Development
  • Professional Text in Cultural Studies (in Italian)
  • Semiotics and Semiology in Italy
  • History of European Art
  • Theory of Culture
  • Philosophy of Culture in Italy
  • The Current Humanities in Italy
  • Musical Culture in Italy
  • Fundamentals of Italian Political History
  • Fundamental Issues in Italian Philosophy in the 20th–21st Centuries
  • Management of Culture
  • Italian Design

Our advantages

  • Students receive a unique qualification as it combines fundamental theoretical knowledge with knowledge of Italian culture, communication skills in business and academic Italian, and an understanding of the internal features of the country.
  • The programme has been designed by scholars of St Petersburg University in conjunction with Italian research and academic centres.
  • Students have an opportunity to take part in exchange education programmes with leading Italian universities.

Career opportunities


The programme is designed to train highly qualified specialists who: have in-depth knowledge in the field of theory and history of culture; are knowledgeable of contemporary cultural processes; are able to apply their knowledge and skills in professional activities; and have practical skills in establishing intercultural interaction with representatives of Italian culture.

Graduates can work in: the education sector; research institutions; museums, galleries, exhibition halls, libraries, foundations and other cultural institutions; tourism; the media; international organisations; and business structures having business with Italian partners.

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