28–29 February 2020

EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre, 64/1 Peterburgskoye shosse, St Petersburg

St Petersburg International Labour Forum is held by the Government of St Petersburg in conjunction with St Petersburg University.


  • Labour productivity
  • Drivers of labour productivity growth
  • Measurement of labour productivity
  • Programmes for labour productivity growth
  • Human capital – Efficiency of public municipal service
  • Career guidance, recruitment and selection of employees for public and municipal service
  • Staff motivation and assessment
  • Professional development of employees
  • Corporate culture and social responsibility of public and municipal employees
  • Information technology and information systems for human resource management in public and municipal service
  • Digital managerial and educational environment of the public service
  • Labour efficiency and quality of work life (the social track)
  • Digitalisation of the economy and the quality of work life
  • Labour market in the digital economy: trends and challenges
  • Labour digitalisation and its social impact
  • Employment, working terms and conditions in the digital economy
  • Social well-being, social justice and social security of the working person: economic and legal mechanisms
  • Migration processes, labour migration and migration policy
  • Information support of migration policy and monitoring of the migration situation
  • Modern technologies in the work of public bodies in the field of migration
  • State regulation of migration processes and state programmes to support migrants
  • Social and cultural adaptation and life quality of labour migrants
  • HR technologies
  • International research and practice conference 'Technologies and practices of effective human capital management’
  • Hachathons for HR management
  • HRlab: innovative approaches and practices in HR management
  • Transformation of the HR specialist profession in the digital economy
  • New generations in the labour market
  • St Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum
  • Labour market for youth: strategies and mechanisms of HR development
  • Professions of the future and professional training of youth
  • Open education
  • Integration of science, education and business in personnel training in the digital economy
  • Education – profession – career