Date: 18 June 2021

Time: 6pm

What makes modern Scottish and Irish prose attractive and extraordinary is its diversity, mysticism, adherence to tradition, and a spectrum of possible connotations. Contemporary prose is viewed through the global — local opposition, feminist critical theories, and the works of theorists of metamodernism, the neo-romantic and neorealist tradition. The historical novel explores how the legendary characters such as Mary Stuart or characters such as Macbeth can be incorporated in the narratives to develop new plots. Science fiction, detective stories, and women’s prose are possible research focuses for contemporary Scottish novels. While Jenny Fagan’s works explore controlling and limiting practices of modern society, Kate Clanchy’s novels highlight the relationship between cultures that face the social problem of emigration. Modern Irish prose is underpinned by an appeal to religion and a concept of the home. This is revealed in the writings of most authors who critically approach traditions, yet associate themselves with traditions.

The lecture is in the blended format: in person at the Vladimir Nabokov Museum at 47 Bolshaya Morskaya Street and online on the museum’s page in VK.