30 November 2021

Palaeontology Museum in cooperation with the Department of Sedimentary Geology of St Petersburg University

Online exhibition ‘On the 150th anniversary of Mikhail Ianishevskii, the founder of the Department of Palaeontology at the University’

To the 150th anniversary of Professor Mikhail Ianishevskii (1871-1949), a famous Soviet geologist and palaeontologist, founder of the Palaeontological Cabinet and Department of Palaeontology at Petrograd University. Mikhail Ianishevskii graduated from Kazan University in 1893. In 1911, he and several other professors were dismissed from Tomsk Institute for freethinking and denouncing the government. In 1912, Mikhail Ianishevskii was invited by Academician Alexander Karpinsky to St Petersburg to work at the Geological Committee. In 1915, Professor Ianishevskii resumed teaching activities. He started delivering lectures in geology and palaeontology at the Higher Bestuzhev Courses for women, where he also organised the Paleontological Cabinet-Museum. Professor Ianishevskii's work as a palaeontologist is very broad and covers a wide range of fossils from deposits of different geological ages from the vast territory of our country. In 1919, he established the Department of Palaeontology at the University, where the Leningrad School of Palaeontologists and Stratigraphists was formed.