SPbU 1724 — 2022

Founding of St Petersburg University


28 January (8 February)

On this day, Peter the Great issued a decree on the creation of the St Petersburg Academy of Sciences and the University.

The date when the University was founded is 28 January 1724, when the ‘Decree on the establishment of the Academy ...’ was issued.  The decree also said about the University: ‘Two images of the building are usually used to locate the arts and sciences: the first image is called the University; the second one is Academy or society of arts and sciences... The university is a collection of learned people who teach high sciences, like theology and jurisprudence, medicine and philosophy, that is, to what state they have now reached, they teach young people’.

In the 18th century, the difference between the Julian (old style) and Gregorian (new style) calendars was 11 days. So, according to the modern calendar, the founding date of the University is 8 February.