SPbU 1724 — 2022

Invention of the radio


At the meeting of the Physics Department of the Russian Physical and Chemical Society, Alexander Popov made a report on radio communication experiments and demonstrated a radio receiver that he had created and wireless signal transmission using an electric bell.

Later, in honour of this event that happened on 7 May in a new style, this day was declared a professional holiday for workers in all branches of communications and radio engineering, i.e. Radio Day.

On 24 (12) March 1896, Alexander Popov received the first radiogram on the device that he had invented. The receiving unit was located in the Jeu de Paume building. The transmitting unit was located at a distance of about 300 meters, in the building of the Chemical Laboratory. The radiogram consisted of the name of the German founder of electrodynamics: ‘Heinrich Hertz’. The radiogram was sent by his assistant Petr Rybkin.